Welcome To Simplicity.

You have arrived at our WordPress Multisite Network, where we host small business websites in an incredibly lightweight environment.

This approach allows us to provide extremely affordable (and secure) WordPress hosting with market-leading technical SEO signals. Our team selects and maintains a limited collection of WordPress themes and plugins to ensure lightning-fast loading speed.

This “controlled” web hosting environment is especially suitable for local businesses that want to spend more time on their customers, and less time on website maintenance.

To make sure this is a good fit for you, please review our Get Started page for more details on what you can expect.

Among the types of WordPress extensions that we do not allow here are things like page builder plugins, and heavy all-in-one themes that are known to result in poor security and slow performance.

If you’re tired of constantly updating your WordPress plugins, figuring out what caused malware to infect your website, or wondering why your search engine rankings are crashing, our unique environment is sure to relieve most of your troubles.

I’m glad you’re here. Now let’s improve your traffic!

— Jesse Nickles (Founder)