Get Started

Getting started with our WordPress Multisite Network is very easy, but it does require that you understand a few things too. Here is a brief overview of what to expect as you proceed:

  1. Understand. The most important aspect for new customers is simply that you understand WordPress Multisite is slightly different from “normal” WordPress hosting, because you won’t be able to install any random theme or plugin that you come across. Instead, our team maintains a limited collection of high-quality themes and plugins that you can choose to activate at anytime. The reason for this is that, after 15+ years in the hosting industry, we realized that most problems (and time investment) for both us and our customers was due to poorly coded themes or plugins. Not only do they slow down your website (and thus hurt SEO), but they also are the reason for 99% of malware infections, confusion, and “tinkering” to make things work correctly. Our customers constantly asked us which themes and plugins are “best” and we finally realized there was a demand for a much simpler approach!
  2. Free Migration. If you understand our “controlled” environment and feel that it’s perfect fit for your business, the next step would be contacting us and providing login information (etc) so that we can access your data and migrate it to our Network. Every website is required to use Cloudflare (free), so go ahead and make an account on first if you haven’t yet. Then, you can add our team to your “Members” access tab on your account there, and we can proceed with the migration and activating your new DNS settings immediately after.
  3. Activate Payment. After your site is migrated and everything is settled, you can simply login to your WP Admin dashboard area and find the billing tab in the top left corner. From there you can setup your automatic monthly billing via credit card. There is no customer portal to worry about, complex settings, or other confusing navigation you have to deal with.

Yes, it’s really that simple.